Dermatology Mailing Lists 


This is a list devoted to the membership of the Internet Dermatology Society. For further information see the IDS Charter
Subscription is limited to members of the Internet Dermatology Society. Members of the Internet Dermatology Society are added automatically to this list. The IDS also runs a number of sublists open to the membership which relate to ongoing committee activities of the IDS. 


This is a list intended for promoting the discussion of dermatologic treatment among practicing dermatologists. Owner:Arthur C. Huntley, M.D. To subscribe, write to: and in the body of the message write subscribe rxderm-L (your name). 


This is a list intended for those who are involved in teaching dermatology, or in administration of dermatology programs. Owner:Arthur C. Huntley, M.D.. To subscribe, email: and in the body of the message write subscribe acaderm-L (your name)  

J Derm Mailing list 

This service circulates discussions of general interest to practicing dermatologists who read and write Japanese. To subscribe, send E-mail to In the body of the message, write: subscribe derma your E-mail address your name. Please remember that this mailing list needs Japanese kits or Kanji talk 7.1 or later in your computer. All dermatologists who read and write Japanese will be most welcome. Posting in English is also welcome, although you have to be able to read Japanese. 

Editor: Yoshiki Taniguchi MD, PhD 

Keratinocyte Research Discussion List

An e-mail based discussion list for keratinocyte researchers. This list is owned by Piet van Erp ( and Henri Molhuizen ( This list, called KERA-RES, is a non-moderated discussion list for researchers involved in (fundamental) keratinocyte research. It is intended to stimulate discussions on every possible subject with respect to keratinocyte biology, like regulation of growth, differentiation, culture systems, etc. To subscribe send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL with the following command in the body (not the subject) of the message: 
subscribe KERA-RES (your name).