Journal of EuroAsian

No: 1 ; Volume: 1 ; Year: 2007
EDITORIAL OJED Got Started, Asc. Prof. Dr. Celalettin R. ÇELEBİ
Tx Therapeutic approaches to hypopigmentation disorders, Dr. Oussama Al Haj-HUSSEİN
Tx New Approaches in the treatment of Hyperpigmentation, Medhat Abdel MALEK - MD
ORIGINAL STUDY Plasma Adenosine Deaminase Activities at Chronic Urticaria Patients, İclal GEYİKLİ, Sibel BAYIL, Hülya ÇİÇEK, Zulal ERBAĞCI
R & D R&D Activities in Dermatology, Kenneth WATSON MD MBA
REGIONAL ACTIVITIES Anti-Aging in Romania, Prof. Dr. Dan FORSEA
Noninvasive Antiaging Procedures in Korea, Dr. Kyle KI. SEO
SKIN METROLOGY Scientific Measurements on Hair & Skin : Professional Objective Diagnosis at All Stages of the Treatment, Diana KHAZAKA
CAM IN DERMATOLOGY The Benefit of Dead Sea Elements in the Treatment of Psoriasis, Jamal DABBAS M.D ,
Walid Y. FARAH M.D.